Weekly cruises

By chartering a sailing yacht from Kavala, you have many options of sailing routes. You can explore the whole North Aegean Sea with two weeks sailing itinerary or you can choose our standard  weekly cruises from Kavala and explore either Halkidiki, North Aegean islands or the Sporades islands. The dare ones can get to discover all east greek islands, from Thasos to Rodos.

The Halkidiki sailing itinerary is an easy itinerary as the winds are rarely strong and there are no big waves. It’s a peninsula with the most beautiful bays and beaches of Greece. The ports are small, with not many facilities and not too crowded. You will find many snorkeling spots, beach bars, Greek taverns, many bays to anchor overnight, many unorganized beaches and the spectacular monasteries in Mount Athos.

The North Aegean islands sailing route, is one of the most demanding weekly cruises from Kavala and  consists of four islands. First stop is the green island of Thasos with crystal blue waters and many forests that reach the sea. Continuing your sailing trip, you will meet Samothraki, the island of the gods. An unspoiled island with wild beauty, many waterfalls, hot springs and beautiful villages. Sailing towards, you will meet Limnos island, a sandy and adventurous island with many taverns, beaches and water sports. Last island is Agios Eustratios, a small island with only one village for those who prefer non crowded holidays. This route is for medium and up level of sailors when bareboat charter, due to meltemi, the northeast winds that blow during summer.

The Sporades islands sailing route is the most cosmopolitical of all the above. Skiathos Skopelos and Alonissos are the northern ones while Skyros is a little southern. Except those very beautiful and crowded islands you will find smaller with no habitants, with unique bays for anchoring, snorkeling and relaxing. The Sporades islands are one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. You can start your sailing route either from Kavala with a middle stop to Thasos, or from Porto Koufo of Halkidiki with a small extra charge.

two weeks sailing itinerary Greece

The two weeks sailing itinerary in North Greece can include all the above beautiful and adventurous areas. You can rent your boat from Kavala and sail south to visit all the North Aegean islands (Thasos, Samotraki, Limnos, Agios Eustratios). The route then goes west to the island of Skyros (southern Sporades.) After discovering this beautiful island, you can sail north to explore all the Sporades islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Kyra Panagia). Last stop of this trip is Halkidiki peninsula with the calm and crystal waters. Bellow you can find the sailing route and the distances in nautical miles of all the distances.

1. Kavala-Limenas Thasos 16 Nm

2. Limenas Thasos-Samothraki (Kamariotissa) 38 NM

3. Samothraki-Limnos (Mirina) 45 NM

4. Mirina(Limnos)- Agios Eustratios 24 Nm

5. Agios Eustratios- Skyros 45 Nm

6. Skyros- Skiathos 55 Nm

7. Skiathos- Skopelos 15 Nm

8. Skopelos- Alonnisos 10 Nm

9. Alonnisos-Kyra Panagia 10 Nm

10. Kyra Panagia- Porto Koufo 40 Nm

11. Porto Koufo -Vourvourou (28 Nm)

12. Vourvourou- Limenaria 55 Nm

13. Limenaria – Kavala 33 Nm

This route is just a suggestion and you can change it deepening on your preferences and weather conditions.
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