“The Emerald Island”

The northernmost of the Greek islands.

According to mythology, this island enchanted Thassos, the brother of Europe during his enquiry of his sister who was kidnapped by Jeus and made him forget his pain, capturing him with its beauty.

Thasos is not exposed to the meltemi (strong summer Greek wind) and has a much more humid climate than other Aegean islands. As a result it is very green and covered with many trees (pine, walnut, sycamores, and chestnut).

The “blue sights” of Thasos.

By chartering one of our yachts you can explore the isand of Thassos, visit every beautiful beach
of this majestic island and swim in their crystal waters.
There is a variety of beaches some of them are described below:

Thassos or Limenas

The capital of the island. It is located in the northern part of Thassos and it is the nearest part with the Greek mainland. It hosts the central harbor of island where you can find water, electricity and enough space for your sailing yacht.Also there is a variety of greek taverns, restaurants, super markets, bars, cafes and  a street market to buy anything you need for your sailing vacations.

The second largest town in Thassos, 22.5 miles from Limenas.There is also a port for your sailing yacht with water and electricity. Like Limenas, you can find fish and meat taverns, greek gyros, many  local sweets, bars and cafes. Limenaria is also nearby (2km) the Potos  village.



A cosmopolitan and much-frequent resort for young people with great nightlife.

Skala Kallirachis

A coastal village at the western part of the island Thassos. It has a  small harbor, the harbor of the mountainous region of the village Kallirahi. Its distance is 11 miles from Limenas.

Skala Prinos

The second main port of Thassos with daily scheduled transfers to Kavala. It is 7.3 miles far from Limenas.

Alykes are at the northeastern side of Thassos in a distance of 17 miles from Limenas.There are two gulfs in Alyki with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters. Its gulfs are used as well as natural harbors from small fishing boats. The beach in the western side is a great resort and organized with lots of taverns that serve ouzo. The eastern beach is more quiet and not so busy. Next to the beaches there is a peninsula of archaeological interest, ideal for hiking.



Do not be fooled by the small size of this beach.It will amaze you with the crystal blue water and the beauty of the surroundings.

Giola is a natural rocky pool that is located in the region of Astris. The height of the rocks reaches up to 8m from where the swimmers can dive into the clear waters.You can not access Giola by car so you enjoy this spectacular pool with your yacht.

Giola Lagoon
(Natural Pool)


A small  gulf with a lot of pine trees. It is located in the northwestern part of Thassos next to Pachis beach and its distance from Limenas is 3.7 miles .

This is a long and impressive beach, with golden sand and crystalline waters.It is organized and it possesses a blue flag.It is called “Chrisi” which mean golden, by the colour that is reflected on the sand. t is 6.5 miles far from Limenas  and it is located in the eastern side of the island.

Golden Beach


It is large in length beach with a view of the island Kinira, with a height of 167m. It is in the eastern side of Thassos and 11 miles from Limenas.

La skala

Its one of the best and well organized beach bars of Thassos, with great food, coctails and more.Its right next to the capital of the island.

1  mile from Limenas, a long sandy beach with crystal shallow waters. With umbrellas, sunbeds,water sports facilities and beach bars its one of the most attractive and crowded beaches of the island.


Pachis Beach

A beach 3.7 miles from Limenas with green waters, pine trees and watersports.


Right after La Scala, it’s a small bay with  a brand new beach bar-restaurant with great food, greek ouzo and cocktails and also crystal waters.

Marble beach

Marble beach

Or Saliara, this unique beach has its name from the marbles all around her.The white sand is from tiny marble pieces and that’s what makes this beach a paradise.With turquoise waters and a beach bar it’s one of the places you definitely want to revisit. Its  2.6 miles from Limenas

Paradise beach

12 miles from Limenas, this super famous beach is perfect for your sailing vacations.Blue and green waters, exotic forest around it, do you need something more to throw your anchor here?


For the lovers of the water sports. 21 miles from the capital.

Psili ammos

24 miles from Limenas this beach is very famous among the youngest visitors due to the beach parties.You can also find two great greek taverns exactly on the beach.

A large beach with blue clean waters ideal for swimming and diving.It took its name from a large hole on a rock.19 miles from Limenas, 1,6 miles from Limenaria.


Vathi-Porto Vathi

One of the non-organized beaches but yet one of the most beautiful. Quiet and magnificent beach ideal for those who explore the island with a sailing yacht

Do see

From the Paleolithic to the Roman era, the findings are among the most remarkable of Greece. located in Limenas the capital of the island.

Archaeological Museum
of Thassos

Museum of
Polygnotos Vagis

Located in the village of Potamia. Polygnotos Vagis is a Thassian sculptor who has been distinguished in the U.S. for his sculpture art and his works are displayed in many Museums in the U.S., the National Gallery, the Museum of Kavala and in private collections.

The Ancient market (agora)
of Thassos

The Ancient Theater
of Thassos

In the center of Limenas, one of the favorites places for many tourists.

Built on the edge of a cliff,a womens hermitage with magnificent view, located between Aliki and Astris villages.

Monastery of Michael Archangel

Kazaviti village

Very close to Prinos, a village worth seen the whole year, with buildings from wood and stone. Don’t forget to taste the very very big meat dishes which traditional tavers offer there!

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