“The Aegean Paradise”

Legend has it that the gods created the Sporades Islands by tossing colored pebbles into the Aegean Sea. The myth is reflected in the name Sporades, which means “the scattered ones,” (sporadic) and in the colors of their verdant green hills, sapphire blue waters and sandy beaches.

11 islands,4 only with habitants, can satisfy the most demanding travelers. From bustling Skiathos with its gorgeous beaches and active nightlife to the picturesque landscapes and quite life of Alonnisos, the Sporades have something special to offer every visitor. Skiathos and Skopelos are the most famous islands of the complex, while Alonissos and Skyros keep a lower profile.

Sailing in the Sporades Islands is an incredible experience thanks to the regular summer “meltemi” wind which is calmer than the Cyclades islands.

Charter one of your yachts and discover those magnificent islands from every perspective. Are you ready to just not getting enough?

Must know

The most developed and crowded island of the Sporades, famous among young visitors for the vivid nightlife, the sandy and crowded beaches and the green landscape.

It has only one harbor which provides excellent shelter.Apart from this there are many other coves and bays perfect for anchorage such as Koukounaries, Platanias bay,Kanapitsa and Vasilias.

Skiathos is a beautiful island, mountainous and very green, with large trees, and its reputed 62 beaches are of stunning beauty.

The main settlement on the island is Skiathos town, which is also the main port. It has a chic atmosphere, with designer boutiques, countless moored yachts and plenty of restaurants and trendy bars. In contrast, Skiathos also has some enchanting villages, untouched by modern life.

The “blue sights” of Skiathos.

By chartering one of our yachts you can explore the isand of Skiathos, visit every beautiful beach
of this majestic island and swim in their crystal waters.
There is a variety of beaches some of them are described below:


A beach famous for its round, white pebbles (where it got its name)., accessible only by boat (feeling lucky again?), weather permitted, and it doesn’t offer any shade or facilities.The magnificent Blue and Dark caves are located just before Lalaria and are worth being visited by boat.

Very long, with extra fine golden sand and ammong the  best beaches in the world(also with a blue flag)! IRight behind it, there is a lagoon, which is also a stunning wetland with rare fauna and flora. Beach bars, restaurants and of course water sports complicate this beautiful beach.



Among the most popular beaches on the island after Koukounaries and a favorite hotspot for young people. This beach got split in Little Banana (nudist beach) and Banana. It is surrounded by a thick pine forest and   the best sunsets on the island. It’s fully organized, long, wide, with turquoise blue waters and fine golden sand. The fun in this beach continues after swimming stops and after the sun goes down , with beers and cocktails on the elevated beach bar. It’s located close to Koukounaries beach.

Do not be fooled by the name. Its waters are neither dirty, nor have puddles, second most popular beach after Koukounaries due to the facilities,very large and beautiful beach, full with greenery, stunning azure sea (why it has a blue flag) and captivating sunset.Organized with sun beds and umbrellas, a restaurant-beach bar,water sports,  this lovely bay with calm with clean water and golden sand can satisfy your expectations.

(Dirty Lake)

Of course this green island has much more beautiful beaches which you can explore one by one (a bit challenging they are more than 60!) with one of our sailing yachts!

Do see

Bourtzi Fortress

Originally built in 1207 to protect against pirate invasions. Today, very little of the fortress remains, but it still offers an insightful look into the past.


Once the home of Alexandros Papadiamantis, a local author and poet who was well loved by locals.


Several monasteries, including Aghios Charalambos and Panaghia Kechrea, are located in Skiathos. Both have been restored and well maintained and offer an interesting look at religious history. In addition, Evangelistria Monastery is also on the island and features manuscripts, gospels, and rare books from the 17th and 18th century, silver and wooden crosses, and Byzantine icons, among other things. Today, Evangelistria is still inhabited by monks.

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