Long Term Yacht Charter

Long Term Yacht Charter – Sabbatical Sailing Holidays

Work and live in your floating home.”

Despite the many restrictions Covid 19 brought to our lives, it also brought the “work from home” option. Many companies all around the world have establish the work from home and make it easier to everyone to work from our very own computer, no matter where we are in the world.

In our case, that means you can work and live in a floating house (your sailing yacht) for as many months you like, and explore the whole Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and even the whole Mediterranean. Our family company offers affordable long term bareboat charter, through almost every port of Greece.

A bareboat long term yacht charter is an ideal option for isolation, adventure, gaining sailing experience, discover a whole country and local culture and take full advantage of your sabbatical holidays. Our company offers a variety long term yacht charter from March till November with the biggest possible discount someone can have in a long-term yacht rental. Even 50% discounts!

We can prepare the yacht depending on your needs (extra batteries, extra solar panels, heating for cooler months, wifi router, many bedsits) and give you our support during your whole charter. Kavala is a great starting point since you can explore the whole Aegean downwind, but you can choose another base for departure. We also offer one-way options and different check in and check out options depending on your needs and availability.

For any requests of different duration and yachts please feel free to contact us at info@kavalayachting.com.

We would be happy to give you ur support for preparing your sailing route, and give you the best advice for every area in Greece!


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