Charter fee – it’s the cost for chartering the yacht. This cost depends on the size of the yacht, it’s age, and the duration of the charter and also the season.

In high season, charters are mostly weekly or more but, in our company, you can find daily, three days, 10 days charters depending on availability.

End cleaning –the cost for cleaning the yacht after the charter. It also includes bed linen, bath towels and gas for cooking. It’s usually from 70€ to 200€ depending on the yacht and it’s a standard cost for every charter.

Transit log fee– this cost covers the preparation of the charter paperwork (crew list, charter parties) all signed from the national port authorities. This cost is most of the times included in the charter fee.

Skipper fee –it’s the cost for hiring a professional skipper for your yacht.   It’s normally between €100 and €200 a day depending upon where you are chartering from, and how big the boat you are chartering is. You’ll also need to give the skipper a cabin on your boat and food during the charter.

Mooring fees – those are the fees you pay when you moor in some ports and they usually include electricity and water. The cost varies depending upon the port and the length of the yacht. Many ports are total free and some others marina in Greece can be from €20 a night.

Fuel(diesel) – when you charter a yacht you will get it with a full fuel tank, so that means you will have to return it the same way, or to pay the price for the fuel that you spent. In sailing yachts, you can use the sails when the conditions allow it, so you won’t have to use the engine. Generally, the fuel cost is from 50-300€ depending on the route and the use of engine and double that if you’re on a catamaran (since they have two engines).

Comfort extras (optional)– for more comfort, luxury, safety and fun om board.

Outboard motor – for making thr dinghy a little faster. Usually available for €70 to €150 and in some cases you ca find it included in the charter price.

Stand Up Paddleboard / Kayak – for exercising and exploring the area you have anchored or just sunbathing while you float.From €80 to €120 per week.

Wifi – you can now get online even in the middle of the sea and upload your favorite pictures of your sailing holidays, surf in the internet or catch up with your work. Cost between 30€ to 80€ depending the GB.

Safety net– netting around the perimeter of the yacht , to prevent things falling into the sea or for families with kids. Costs between €70 and €150.

Food & Drink –That is a total up to you cost. In a yacht charter holiday you buy food and drinks from the local supermarket, for cooking on board, or head to local tavernas or restaurants for meals. Note: If  you have hired a skipper then you have to take care of his/ hers food also.

Tourist Taxes – A fee that has to be paid in some places-usually around €1 to €2 a day per adult.

(Refundable) Security deposit – It’s a cost that has to be paid during the check in (just like cars) usually with card or sometimes in cash.It covers the owner or the operator in case of damages in the yacht ( lost fenders, scratches, broken or lost things, sail damages etc) . The deposit is usually from €1,000 to €3,000 and its fully refundable if you return the yacht as you chartered it.