So, you’ve just started your research about sailing holidays in Greece. Or maybe you are searching for the next Greek destination. Let us give you a hand with this!
Here’s all the possible reasons why you should charter a sailing yacht from Kavala and start your sailing journey from North Greece!

  1. Great and mild weather conditions. Kavala and Thasos rarely have heavy wind conditions and they have as heat and sun as the southern Greek islands. Great conditions for family vacations or for newbies sailors!
  2. Less sailing yacht traffic than southern Greece. Have you ever tried to find a place in a port of the southern Greek islands during August? In many cases you won’t find a place and you would have to anchor offshore.
  3. Much cheaper prices from the rest Greek destinations in weekly and daily cruises. You should already know that if you have done a research or if you have already chartered a sailing yacht in Greece.
  4. Kavala’s new port. The brand-new marina has electricity, water supply and many yachts positions. Moreover, you can find nearby a supermarket, cafes, Greek taverns, pharmacy stores and the bus station.
  5. The unspoiled beauty of North Greece! Kavala, Thasos, Chalkidik, Samothrace, all these places have such beauty, uncrowded beaches with green and blue waters, unique small bays, quit places and untouched nature. Explore them with your sailing yacht and you won’t be disappointed.


Whether you are searching a destination for your family sailing vacation, an excursion for you and your partner or you are a group of friends who want to explore and sail in different tides and unspoiled nature, Kavala is the best place for you!
Charter your sailing yacht from our beautiful base and collect memories you will never forget!

-Kavala Yachting