The number of sailing blogs and vlogs has increased dramatically in the past decade. Whether it’s cruising or embarking on a full world circumnavigation, there is plenty of brave individuals out there sharing their experiences and thoughts with you.

Some sail alone, many sail in couples, with kids, even big familes with pets decide to live aboard. Many of them do it full-time as a lifestyle choice.

How much does it cost to get out there and start sailing?

What does it take to circumnavigate the globe?

How do you sleep?

If you want to learn about sailing and read some incredible stories from different kinds of sailors, here is our list of sailing blogs to follow. Enjoy!

Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley bought a yacht in Italy with a purpose to sail around the world.

His girlfriend Elayna had been working as a musician and decided to join him on this adventure even though neither of them had any sailing skills at the moment.





Brian Trautman bought his boat Delos a few years ago and left the business world in Seattle.

His plan was just to cross the Pacific Ocean. After reaching New Zealand, he realized they weren’t ready to stop.






Gone With the Wynns

Jason and Nikki Wynn have been traveling, RVing and now sailing pretty much full time since 2011.

They’re not just living their dream, they share their adventures inspiring others to follow their footsteps.

How to travel like a local?

How to wild camp?

How to make money anywhere?

Answers to these and others questions are readily available in their blog posts and videos.

One thing we like in particular is their interactive map of national parks, campgrounds and more.

Wind Traveler

Brittany and Scott set sail in 2010 “to seek a life less ordinary”.

They started by sailing down the East Coast to the Bahamas and to the Caribbean. After they family got bigger, they sold their old boat and bought a new one to resume their life at sea.





Matt and Jessica Sailing

Matt and Jessica are a couple of Michiganders  (Grand Rapids) who had grown up without ever setting foot aboard a sailboat.

In the summer of 2008 they decided to take it up as a hobby and became cruisers.






Sailing Totem

Behan and Jamie met sailing, racing in Long Island Sound. Jamie was a sail designer and Behan was on her college’s sailing team.

Since 2008 they’ve been sailing around the world with their three children.






Sailing Uma

Dan was born and raised in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada.

Kika, originally from Port au Prince, Haiti, moved to the United States to attend architecture school at the age of 18.






Where The Coconuts Grow

Pete is from San Diego, CA and has been surfing and fishing since he was a little boy; Jody is originally from Washington State.

Together they decided to pursue a passion for adventure and the tropics.






Sailing Conductors

25.000 nautical miles

225 musicians

31 countries

2 buddies

1 dream



It’s a Necessity

Eben and Genevieve met when they were 18 doing a Canada World Youth exchange between Northern Quebec and Burkina Faso.

On their blog you can find many stories about life at sea and traveling the world. (with kids!)






SV Prism

Jon grew up in Sierra Mountains in a family of avid sailors. Shannon comes from a family of power boaters in Southern California.

They met in 2009 and not long after that Jon asked Shannon ”How would you like to sail around the world?”






Sailing Britican

Simon’s first sailing experience was during his work in the British Army. His superior officer asked him if he’d like to move a sailboat from Poole, England to Kiel, Germany. He said “yes”, and the rest is history. Along with his wife Kim and daughter Sienna they’ve been traveling on the boat named after their nationalities – British & American.






Roads Less Traveled

Mark and Emily are avid travelers and adventurers who have been traveling full-time in their RV and sailboat.

They started out in a 27′ travel trailer, which later they upgraded to a 36′ fifth wheel.

Mark grew up in Michigan, Emily in Massachusetts. In May 2007 they decided to leave their comfortable home in Arizona and began their journey.

The stories and photos they share are likely to inspire you to follow your dreams of travel, freedom and adventure.




Adventure Adrift

Hillary and Ty have a deep passion for travel, exploring the world and making connections with people and cultures around the globe.

By Sailing with a Purpose they mean to try to understand, interact with and give back wherever they can.






Trio Travels

This blog is about a family of three, Brad, Krista and Cole, who explore new countries, new sights, new cultures and exotic foods along the way.

And they have lots of stories to share with you!






Sea Biscuit Blog

Lauren and Brian Weisenthal are two adventure-seeking New Yorkers living aboard their 42 foot sailboat, Nightingale Tune.

In September 2015 they left Hudson Point Marina in Jersey City, NJ and began heading south.






Calm Seas Gentle Breeze

Kate and Chris are Aussies, travellers and water addicts. They love swimming, snorkelling, diving, and dinghy excursions.

We enjoy the outdoors too, camping, hiking and cruising in their kombi. They love sailing their Aeolus, of course.






Just a Little Further

David and Marcie Lynn have lived aboard their Liberty 458 cutter-rigged sailboat since 2000.

They didn’t start with a desire to sail around the world. They simply wanted to see and experience as much as they could, slowly and economically at their own pace.





Swell Voyage

Liz is from San Diego and loves surfing.

Over the 20,000 nautical miles of ocean she has sailed, she’s discovered that the most important sort of exploration happens within.