We provide you some useful tips to make your sailing holidays more enjoyable and dreamy as it gets!

-Choose your crew wisely. The right company is a very important factor for your sailing vacations as you’ re goanna spent many hours with them in the yacht. Everybody should lone sea, must take part in the mooring process. You should split the duties like cooking and cleaning.

-Choose your sailing vessel. Try not to rent a yacht too small for you and your company because you may have a difficult time sleeping. On the other hand a very big yacht might be more difficult to handle, needs more space in the ports and it’ s more expensive.

-Plan your trip. Before you throw off the bowlines it would be wise to plan your trip wisely. Choose the right island, the right ports, the right beaches, so you won’t spend time sailing from one place to another.

-Check the weather. If you are not an experienced sailor choose areas for your trips where the wind is light or moderate like Chalkidiki and Sporades Islands.

-Proper packing: The least you pack the better you have. (swimsuits not included of course ). Choose a soft bag that fits in your cabin. Hats, sunscreen, sea towels, a fleece for the nights, snorkeling equipment.