Bareboat charters are for those who wish to rent a sailing yacht by themselves without the assistance of a professional skipper (captain). When you charter bareboat you have the responsibility for the yacht and the rest of the crew. You can only sail solo, if you have the necessary certificates and boating license. A sailing yacht charter party must be consisted of at least valid sailing license ( skippered ).

Pros : independence, privacy, no reason to accept and adjust a third person around you, do whatever you want  wherever you want it.

Cos: responsibility, checking the yacht condition, navigation, mooring , anchoring, fueling, predicting the local weather conditions.

Skippered: a skippered charter means that you rent your sailing yacht with a professional who is responsible for maneuvering the yacht. In that case you do not need a sailing license or even experience.

Pros: the skipper takes care for the maneuvering, knows the local weather conditions and culture, assures your safety, can guides you through the best beaches, bays, local taverns and bars. Plus the skipper can teach you how to sail.

Cos: most of the times you don’t know your skipper before you start your vacation, a little less privacy.