Weekly cruises

For those who want to live the sea as never before,

for the lovers of sailing and adventure,

for those who want to explore the Greek islands from another perspective,

charter a sailing yacht, starting from Kavala’s port and explore the best of the north Aegean Sea. Wake up in a different view everyday, swim even before your morning coffee and taste the best of our Greek summer!

Kavala Yachting offers many options of weekly sailing cruises:

From Kavala to the emerald island of Thassos, off to the island of the Gods Samothrace and last to the sandy island of Lemnos.

Option two is the Sporades challenge. With a middle stop to Thassos or Chalkidiki or for the tough ones one way straight, explore Skiathos,Skopelos,Alonnisos and many other small islands.

Last but not least is the Chalkidiki route.Three fingers, Saint Oros, Sithonia, Kassandra, are you sure one week is enough?

For charters more than 10 days, you can start your sailing vacation from the port of Skiathos or from Chalkidiki (Porto Koufo) depending the trip you are going to make!

Kavala Yachting