“The Mamma Mia Island”

According to the legend, Skopelos was founded by Staphylos (grape in Greek), one of the sons of the god Dionysos(god of wine) and the princess Ariadne of Crete.

The island became very famous when Hollywood producers chose it to shoot the famous movie “Mamma Mia”, establishing the island as a holiday destination for tourists from all over the world.

Lush greenery, long and majestic beaches and picturesque villages, make Skopelos one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Skopelos has its special architecture as shown in villages like Skopelos Town and Glossa. Holidays in Skopelos can be combined with other islands, like Skiathos and Alonissos.

The main port and municipal center of the island (Skopelos or Chora) is situated in the bay on the northern coast. Chora or Skopelos is the main town in the island. It is a very charming town with over 120 churches.

The second largest settlement is Glossa village, situated on the northwestern tip of the island, just above Loutraki harbour, with an elevation ranging from 200 to 300 m (you can enjoy one magic sunrises and sunsets).

The “blue sights” of Skopelos.

By chartering one of our yachts you can explore the isand of Skopelos, visit every beautiful beach
of this majestic island and swim in their crystal waters.
There is a variety of beaches some of them are described below:


12 km north west of the capital ,a very popular area with beautiful surroundings, many facilities and an impressive lush green setting. The village of Panormos is nearby where you will find plenty of taverns, restaurants and many local shops. Worth seen the ancient remain next to the beach.

Consists of two beaches,one of them is accessible via the stairs that lead to the chapel on top of the cliff, where the filming of  Mamma Mia’s wedding took place.Like most of the beaches on the island, Agios Ioannis beach is gifted with turquoise waters and a majestic landscape. Not too crowded and has no tourist facilities around.

Agios Ioannis


An isolated beach at western Skopelos. The main characteristic of this beach is its wild beauty, with big white rocks,white sand and turquoise waters.


5 km from Chora, is a beautiful bay with sand, big rocks suitable for plunges caves, a beach bar and two taverns with fresh fish and seafood .Half of the beach is not  organized. This bay owns its name to the Minoan king Stafilos who was supposed to have disembarked in this lovely cove.

Do see

Church of
Agios Ioannis

The famous cliff church were Mamma Mia was filmed.

Monastery of

Monastery of
Timios Prodromos

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