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Sailing weekends with KavalaYachting.

  • For those who want to discover the joy and the benefits of a sailing cruise.
  • For trips and holidays different from the ordinary.
  • For extra practice on sailing and navigation skills.
  • For new sailing friends.

KavalaYachting offers these three-day sailing trips on the sailing boat DANAE which is 14 meters long and fully equipped.

  • For people with or without knowledge of sailing.
  • Available from early April till late October.

Join us to enjoy the sea with a special and unique way. To travel under sail, with 44ft Sailing Yacht DANAE and to visit beautiful and unique places and beaches, which are in many occasions accessed only by sea.

One weekend, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon costs 150 euros per person, all inclusive (ship, guide, fuel). The only extra is the food but as we can cook and eat on board it is not a big extra cost. From six to nine individuals, groups or individual contributions and friends for a unique experience and better knowing of the world of sailing.

For those who want longer trips, we organize in July and August unforgettable sailing holidays of 7 days in Sporades Islands, northern Aegean and Halkidiki.

KavalaYachting sailing weekends are the simplest and cheapest ways to sail.

Call today at +30 6977357038 and +30 2510223449 or contact us for more information.

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