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Even if you spent hours and hours looking at all the tourist guides, you will probably not find a destination which can offer you “inside the sea” accommodation and at the same time the opportunity to visit beautiful and secluded beaches.


Moreover if you have the desire to visit not only one or two islands during your vacations, but four or five or even more, then your choice is only one. At next holidays ride a sailing boat and feel the difference.

Sailing vacations are starting upon departing from the port. There is no need to spend time to move from one destination to another, or to move from the main land to an island to start you holidays since the boat is your home, but your vehicle as well.


When you are on sailing vacations there is no need to be prepared or to plan to go to the sea or to the beach. You are all the time in the sea. Upon waking, you can make the first dive of the day even before you wash your face.
You can stay overnight in one of the thousands beautiful and safe bays of Greek islands. But if you want you can reach a port or a marine and spend your day or night in one of Greece’s beautiful islands.

There is no need to worry if the quiet beach, in which you are swimming, suddenly becomes crowded. Just drive the boat to another beach and you can keep swimming and enjoy the silence. Except if you like the crowded beaches, so you can still get the boat and go to a more crowded beach. Simply choose what you like more and start over.

For someone with no previous experience, sailing vacations can seem extreme, expensive and difficult, which is not true!


There is no need for previous sailing experience, special preparation or anxiety about the path to follow or how to sail the boat. Our professional skippers will take care of all these things. On the other hand, if some people of the group have the experience and the proper sailing licenses, then the captain is not necessary and we will give you all of the additional information you will need before you begin your journey.


Our sailing boats can accommodate 6 to 10 passengers. If you are a smaller group then you can simply join one of the organized excursions of KavalaYachting. For more than 10 years these excursions are attractive to people in the mood for "good time", for new friendships and for unforgettable holidays!

For more information about our boats, for the cost of sailing holidays and the participation in organized sailing trips you can see the corresponding links of our website or you can contact us.


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