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While it may seem strange, holidays with Sailing boat is not just exciting but also one of the cheapest ways of vacation that may be selected by a group of people or by individual travellers.


For the whole duration of the holiday the boat is not only used for transportation but it also becomes your home, the bar and the restaurant of the group so the initial cost is not increased by other costs.


In order to calculate the total cost you must add the following expenses:
  1. Cost of boat rental
  2. Cost of a professional Captain - Skipper (if needed)
  3. Fuels
  4. Fees and charges in ports (in some of them)
  5. Final boat cleaning
  6. Personal expenses - supplies
1. Cost of boat rental
The cost for renting a sailing boat depends on the size, age, equipment and the period for receiving the rent.
Favourite holiday season for sailing in Greece is the heart of summer but if we are able to select dates before July or after August the rent will be quite cheaper.
Another important factor is also the date of the booking. If you risk for a last minute booking then you may also risk of being left without a sailing boat but if you complete the booking 2-3 months ahead then you will for sure gain some extra discount.
Detailed prices for boat rental with KavalaYachting can be found by choosing Boats - Fleet in the main menu.
2. Cost of a professional Captain – Skipper
The yachts of KavalaYachting are available for renting without a professional skipper, if there are at least two occupants on board with an Offshore Sailing diploma.

In any other case, it is mandatory to have a professional skipper on board who will take care of everything that has to do with the safety on board, the trip itself, the approaching to a port or beach process, and he will suggest routes depending on the mood of the group.
A professional skipper will cost 130 € per day to the pot of the group but will relieve everyone of any responsibility and the need to drive the boat and maneuvering in ports and he will drive you to places that are difficult to be discovered by yourself.
3. Fuels

A sailing boat is usually travelling with the wind, but because the wind does not always appears all vessels are equipped with a diesel machine capable of transporting passengers to their destination under all weather conditions.
Furthermore, this diesel machine is used to recharge the batteries of the boat when it is outside of a port so you can always have cold refrigerator and electricity for navigation equipment.
The exact cost of the fuel is not easy to be calculated since it has to do with the weather (whether or not air), the route to be followed and finally the mood of the group.
Given, though, that the vast majority of diesel tanks on a sailing boat are smaller than 200 litters and this amount is more than enough even for a week with no wind at all, you can easily conclude that an amount of about 150 € for the whole rent is more than enough.

4. Fees and charges in ports

Most of the ports and marines in Greece are providing infrastructure and services such as water and electricity to the approached boats.

In some of them these services are for free but in some others you have to pay a small fee in order to be served. The price of water refuelling and electric power for the boat is usually around to 20 - 40 € per port you will visit.

5. Final boat cleaning

The Final boat cleaning, the replacement of sanitary ware, linens, towels, etc, and the preparation of the boat usually costs 50 € per rent.

6. Personal expenses - supplies

For the whole renting period the boat will be your second home and as a home you have to go to Super Market before you start your journey, in order to supply yourself with all the necessary things.
Given that the vast majority of people going for sailing vacation spend most of their time on the boat and that the yacht is equipped with a full functional kitchen, the only thing remaining is to full the refrigerator and the cabinets of the boat with food, drinks and anything else you may need. It is strongly recommended all these supplies to be purchased from a big Super Market at the beginning of the trip in order to avoid the usually more expensive prices at the islands and the small groceries.
A cost of around 150 € per person in a group of six people (about one thousand Euros in total) can give you enough supplies for one week. This figure is certainly indicative and may vary greatly between groups of people.



If you add all this expenses, you will see that depending on the size of the group, the vessel, the time period of the renting and the need or not of a professional skipper, the total cost per person ranges from 400 € to 650 € for a whole week (7 nights).



If despite the above analysis, you have any questions about the cost of renting a boat from KavalaYachting, do not hesitate to contact us.


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