“The Nature’s Innocence”

2 miles east of Skopelos, at the crossroads of major sea routes northeast of the island of Evia and northwest of the island of Skyros, it is the third of the Northern Sporades.

Capital: Chora/main port: Patitiri

Alonnisos Is the island where Jason and the Argonauts with Argo sailed to Kolhida to retrieve the Golden Fleece and the ships of Achaeans sailed to Troy. The shipwrecks of classic and Byzantine times that laying on the sea bottom reveal the naval power of the island’s older years.

Majestic natural landscapes with many small islands scattered

Quiet and picturesque beaches surrounded by pine forests, olive groves and orchards,

Sandy beaches are in short supply on Alonissos. Most are small and steeped in stone while few have more than the basic facilities

The “blue sights” of Alonnisos.

By chartering one of our yachts you can explore the isand of Alonnisos, visit every beautiful beach
of this majestic island and swim in their crystal waters.
There is a variety of beaches some of them are described below:

Agios Dimitrios

Exotic beach with blue waters and white sand, no further description needed.


Non organized with white peddles and crystal waters ideal for swimming.

Chrissi milia
(golden apple beach)

A golden beach with peddles-do try water sports.

Non organized, blue-green waters ideal for discovering the underwater world.

(apple tree)

George Yalos

A 2 km beach with idyllic view surrounded by natural pine woods growing free on the hillsides.


Small picturesque port where you can find many local taverns and  a perfect spot for anchorage.

Do see

Marine park

The island is hosting the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a refuge for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus monachus.

The blue cave

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